Music Lessons


Guitar / Bass

We offer lessons for all levels, beginners, intermediate, and even advanced players. We make learning the guitar/bass fun and easy for you! Guitar is one of the most popular instruments to learn to play. We have methods of teaching the guitar that will take years off of the time it would normally take to learn on your own. We enjoy teaching our students how to play their favorite songs. In doing so, we also make sure that the student learns all the fundamentals of music through our guitar lessons.

Want to be a rock star? Want to play by the campfire? Or do you just want to have fun learning a really cool instrument? If you said yes to any of these questions, then come take lessons, we will show you how!



Your vocal chords are a muscle, just like your biceps, and need to be exercised like any other muscle in order for you to sing well. Our vocal teachers are very experienced in teaching all types of voice students.

It’s important to understand that there are two types of voice teachers: one who primarily teaches vocal technique (how to sing) and one who is primarily a vocal coach (teaches what to sing). Of the two types, the one who teaches vocal technique is the most important because without the ability to sing easily and with flexibility in all parts of your range you are limited in what you can perform. Our voice teachers are a combination of the two types which will ensure you learn what you want and what you need to learn from voice lessons.

Teachers of good vocal technique are very rare and hard to find. Many ‘voice teachers’ are really coaches who will help you sing through songs, addressing certain problem spots, without developing and honing your basic ability to sing. They work on the premise that the more you sing the better you will become. We have three voice teachers that can work with any style of singing and help you achieve your goals!



Piano lessons. What a great idea! You want to learn how to play the piano and you have made a great choice. Learning, practicing, and playing the piano will all add wonderful new dimensions to your life.

The piano is the universal instrument of all music. In other words, every single note that can be played in an orchestra can be found on the piano. The piano is also a very visual instrument. A student can “see” the music on the keyboard of the piano. Every College of Music student is required to take at least two years of piano. This is how important piano is in the development of every musician. Piano has a long history in music reaching back over 500 years to today’s modern keyboard sounds heard on many hit songs.

You will learn piano technique, piano chords and scales, music reading, learning and memorizing piano pieces, ideas for playing by ear and for improvising...these are all part of learning the piano at our school of music.



Whatever your goals in drumming are, you can learn how to play drums like the pros when you learn from our extremely qualified and experienced drum teachers!

Our drum teachers want all drum students to learn the most fundamental aspects to great drumming. If you want to play in a band, then come learn from our teachers. All of our drum teachers play professionally and are degreed.

Famous, world-class drummers are great because they do certain things that make their playing refined, effortless, and superb. Our teachers will take the time to explain and show you the essential mechanics of drumming that allow you to develop the control necessary to become a truly great drummer.



We offer different methods for learning the violin including The Suzuki Method. In learning violin you will learn the very basics of playing the violin. We start at the very beginning. We teach students with absolutely no experience and knowledge. Maybe you are one of them. You think the violin is a beautiful instrument but you have no particular understanding of it. Our teachers can help you learn this most beautiful instrument. We also make learning the violin a fun experience. The violin is one of the most expressive of all instruments. It takes a lot of practice, but is well worth your time and effort to learn how to play the violin.

Woodwinds / Brass

We offer lessons on several band instruments such as trumpet, trombone, clarinet, saxophone, flute, french horn, baritone, and even tuba! If you want to play in your high school band, or are already in the high school band, we have the teachers to help you learn your instrument to the best of your ability. Perhaps you were in the high school marching band or concert band and want to play your instrument again. We can help! We have adult students as well as grammar school students that are enjoying learning an instrument! Come and see what we can help you learn.


In this class the students will learn how to play in a band. Students are guided by a teacher of the school of music. Fundamental aspects of playing with other musicians are covered in this class and the students get to perform on a regular basis. This class is a great way to speed up your goals of playing in a band!


Ukelele is becoming a very popular instrument to learn! We have the teachers with knowledge of the Ukelele to teach you how to play all of your favorite songs. It's small, portable, inexpensive, and easy on the fingers. Students of a wide age range are having fun learining Ukelele.

Me and My Music

Me and My Music is our early learning music program. The benefits of
music for children include: learning cooperation, creativity, concentration, and listening. These skills become invaluable as they
enter school, face new challenges, begin to form new friendships and
develop social skills. Students can begin as young as 18 months old.