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Want to learn to play an instrument?

Here are some thoughts!

Deciding to start learning to play an instrument can be as simple as picking one up somewhere, perhaps at a friend’s house, and playing it. The music you create might not sound great to you right away, but in fact, you are already learning that instrument.

Get an instrument.

Buy, rent, or borrow one that is attractive to you and within your budget. Don’t get an instrument that’s too cheap or too expensive.

Find a nice place in the house for your instrument.

Store it where you spend your leisure time or someplace where you’re going to see it often during your day. The more accessible your instrument, the more you will pick it up and play it. Eventually you’ll be picking it up every free minute, and be on your way to greatness!

Daily Practice.

It is very important to have some daily practice in learning an instrument. You don’t have to practice for hours a day. All you need to do is a little bit each day, and you will go a long way. It’s so true; what you put into your instrument will come back to you a thousand times more!

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