Metairie Music Club’s Piano and Musicianship Festival

Congratulations to Mr. Louis Hackett and 19 of his students here at Andy Hymel’s School of Music.
Metairie Music Club’s, National Federation, Piano and Musicianship Festival was held on March 2, 2024 at UNO along with the Strings Festival held on February 24 at UNO.
Of 19 entries 18 students received Superior ratings, and one received an Excellent rating. Of them 8 of them were selected as Honor Recital Participants. We are proud of our students, let’s congratulate them one and all:

Mason Khong – Honors in Piano and Violin
Ava Griffin – Honors in Piano and Violin
Nathan Nguyen – Honors in Piano
Tori Tran – Honors in Piano Concerto
Israel Griffin – Honors in Piano
Michael Griffin III – Honors in Piano
Ma’Kayla Harris – Honors in Violin
Paul Fassulo – Honors in Piano
Nathaniel Claiborne – Superior in Violin
David Dorr III – Superior in Violin
Jonathan Griffin – Superior in Piano
Lia Griffin – Superior in Piano
Abigail King – Superior in Piano
Gabriella King – Superior in Piano
Ava Nguyen – Superior in Piano
Case Root – Superior in Piano
Micayla Root – Superior in Violin
Ava Vo – Superior in Piano
Sophie Pham – Excellent in Violin